chaar bangdi wali

Kinjal Dave ની Audi ને લાગી બ્રેક

http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_about_ Buying Soma overnight delivery Kinjal Dave’s song “ Chaar Bangdi Wali Gadi” જેના થી ગાયિકા famous થઇ એની પર Ahmedabad court એ બ્રેક મૂકી છે. The song which brought the singer into limelight is now restricted for her to perform in commercial programs. The song has been claimed to be copyright of the song sung by Australian Kathiyawadi King originally uploaded on Youtube in 2016. The singer has claimed that Kinjal Dave copied the song with very minor changed in the song and recreated it in her voice which is breaking the copyright of the original song. Kinjal has released the song in October 2016.

“Chaar Bangdi Wali Gadi” પર claim કરવાનું એક કારણ આ પણ છે કે original song કરતા વધારે ચાહના Kinjal Dave ના song ને મળી છે.

Ahmedabad Commercial Court have released order for the singer ‘not’ to sing the disputed song till 22nd January – the next hearing.

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