Toh Lagi Sharat

It all starts with a bet between two friends which gives rise to vengeance and deception. The plot than pulls everyone in a situation like spider’s web where each of them becomes the suspect as each have a reason to kill.

The new beginning of college life transforms the life of two childhood friends by pushing them in a never ending circle of revenge for the sake of satisfying own pride and honor. Slowly, all the involved characters are pulled together into a web when everyone is a suspect and has a reason to kill. Who will be the victim of ever-twisting and mastermind traps or the one who spread the net will be trapped? This first ever Gujarati Movie with a kicking blend of Mystery, Comedy and Thriller Genre will blow your minds away, so be ready to witness the murder mystery. Toh Lagi Sharat to hit the Cinemas on 1st June 2018. Written by Nitin Vaidya.

This multi-starrer film features Ronit Vaidya, Priyank Gajjar, Nitin Vaidya, Jignesh Modi, Hitesh Raval, Himanshu Turi, Rahul Vaidya, Simran Saini, Hardika Joshi, Humaira Kazi, Tejas Vyas, Yamini Joshi, Vishal Pithadiya, Alpesh Tank, Bijal Patel, Vaidik Soni and Aditi Solanki.

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Comedy, Suspense, Thriller
Release Date
2 hours 17 minutes
Box Office
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