Thai jashe

Pranav Joshi AKA Pappu is a middle class boy. He is living in small village Jetpur. He is emotionally attached to his village but to complete his goal he has to leave his village. After leaving his village he set his self in Ahmedabad for further studies. After some time he establish himself as Head designer in an IT company. During this he fall in love with Kajal Bhatt, who is a daughter of Harkkant Bhatt and Leelaben Bhatt. His father and her father were good friends back in time. His father named Chandrakantbhai Joshi runs their own saree factory and everything was perfect until his father decides to expand his business and get loan from bank. After investing money in business, government decides to shut down some business including saree factory. Pappu support them as their loyal son and convince them to settle in Ahmedabad in renting apartment. There Pappu’s little life Adventure starts with handling landlords, Family, love and work.

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Comedy, Drama
Release Date
2 hours 25 minutes
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Box Office
₹4 crore in the first four weeks
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