Sex Education

Sex Education is an upcoming Gujarati movie to hit the cinemas on 22nd June 2018. Written and Directed by Pranav Patel, the movie features the popular stars namely Samarth Sharma, Divya Bhatt, Chetan Daiya, Haresh Dagiya, Yesha Gandhi, Rajan Thakkar and Sanjay Prajapati.

Sex Education is one of the upcoming Gujarati movies of 2018 which will be a milestone for Gujarati film industry. You might have seen similar movies in other regional languages but it is the very first movie on a distinct topic filmed in Gujarati. It reflects the growth of Dholiwood with time and raises the bar of expectations you can keep from it.

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It is claimed to be the first ever Gujarati movie to bring the awareness of sex education among teenagers of this generation which has become very essential. It is break-the-taboo kind of film which covers the details which are avoided by the society. Keeping sex education as the central focus, it also throws light on the importance of love, liberty and respecting the partner when you are in a relationship.
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Drama, Romance
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