Saptapadii 2013

The story traces how a businessman Sid (Siddharth) and his wife Swati drift apart due to her passionate attempts to cure a 9 year old traumatized child and Sid’s obsession with expanding his business empire. The child is living at a retreat in Saputara, where the manager of the retreat, Dr. Patrawala, tells Swati of the real reason the child is bought to his retreat, adding an element of suspense.
Intense arguments erupt when Sid finds out that Swati’s involvement with the child can have disastrous consequences for his business and family life. He tries to explain this to Swati who refuses to see his point of view. Both separate on these arguments. Their daughter studying in USA makes her best effort to bring them together. Eventually, Swati’s determination makes Sid think about life and living for others, changing him from a businessman focused totally on his money, business and success, to a businessman sensitive and responsible to the society around him.
Does Swati cure the child? What happens when a businessman’s wife, who has been giving her 100% to her marriage and family, asks for just 2% to do what she wishes?

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Drama, Family film, Thriller
Release Date
1 hours 45 minutes
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