PremRang 2016

In between the season of LOVE (Valentine’s Day) and COLORS (Holi), let’s celebrate the Love with colors of PREMRANG on this 19th….
Premrang is a perfect bridging of conventional and modern Gujarati CINEMA. Let’s flow with the trend and increasing demand for Gujarati movies.
An innocent spirit RAMLO charms the entire vicinity around him with the always helping nature he possess. Some people adore him, while some take him for granted, but he is really in demand in kids. His love for his mother is eternal and so profound that he can’t resist even a finger pointed towards his mother. He respects her a lot. There is also a girl who resides besides his house. She too has a secret crush on our RAMLO. His helpful nature makes everyone to fall for him at any instinct. He serves as the perfect entertainment package for the villagers.
Story takes a turn when his innocence attracts the daughter of the most prestigious family of the village. He don’t even realize that when he got married to the girl by unknowingly following the marriage processions. This then carves the entire timeline of the movie. Watch the movie to know what happens when everyone gets to know about their unconventional marriage.
Cast: Hiten Kumar, Sonam, Chandani Chopra, Bharat Thakkar, Devendra Pandit, Jitu Pandya, Ayush Jadeja, Hari Rathod, Hetal Rathod, Usha Bhatia and others
Banner-Producer: Playing Drama Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Writer-Director: Rafik Pathan
Special Thanks: Aziz Khan
Music: Samir-Mana
Cinematography: Shridhar Bhatt and Manjay Soni
Editor: Jignesh Shah
Creative Captain: Hiten Kumar

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Comedy, Romance, Suspense, Thriller
Release Date
2 hours 15 minutes
Box Office
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