Je Pan Kahish E Sachuj Kahis

Je pan kahish e sachuj kahish is a thriller,We say we don’t lie but do we actually don’t lie?Leeza is about to get her biggest nightmare with Dhaval..

Leeza and Dhaval meet at a coffee shop to enjoy their day together at Dhaval’s place,They are not aware that this day is going to be their biggest nightmare forever!

What happens in the house which turns a romantic date into a nightmare is story of “Je Pan Kahish e Sachuj Kahish”

Released on 14th October 2016, Friday

Genre: Thriller gujarati movie
Studio: Gallops Talkies
Starring: Gaurav Paswala ,Sneha Devganiya
Directed By: Naitik Raval
Written By: Naitik Raval
Screenplay By: Akshay Paniker
Produced By: Rohan Shah,Parin Doshi,Ishan Vyas.

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