Gujju Rocks

Gujju Rocks is the story of a rich business man, Jayant Kansara, who owns a travel agency, and is married to his love Kishori. Despite life going fairly smoothly, due to a mid-life crisis he carries over his negativity, inducing stress into both his home and work life.

An employee, Madan Patel, advices him to start an affair with his secretary in order to bring some spice in his mundane life. As a way of getting attention and sympathy from the secretary, he spins about his wife being mentally sick.

This in turn leads to a chain of events that leads the secretary to pressurizing him to get married to her, him trying to keep his illicit activities a secret and somehow getting arrested for planning to murder his wife. To find out how the sequence of events culminates into a thrilling ride, you have to watch the most hilarious Gujrati film of the season “Gujju Rocks”

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Comedy, Drama
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