Family Circus

Family Circus is an upcoming Gujarati Movie of 2018 which is dated to be released on 19th October. Directed by Viral Rao, the movie is a very conceptual comedy which you will love to see. This multi-starer film has brought Raunaq Kamdar, M Monal Gajjar, Mitra Gadhvi, Bharat Chawda and Smit Pandya together.

As the name suggests, the movie is all about comedy. It is a story of two friends: Ronak (Raunaq Kamdar) & JJ (Mitra Gadhvi). You’ll explore the two different shades of lifestyle – middle-class & luxurious and you’ll be left comparing between the two.

Family Circus Review

While seeing through the story plot, you will feel like you are watching another don number. You must have seen this number of times from Gujarati film-makers so it is likely to get a little predictable.


The first half of the film is quite slow and parts of the film can be edited better. Sharp editing seems missing else the storyline have hooked the audience. The slow moving speed of the story becomes unbearable to handle but you can feel sigh with a romantic number by Shaan ‘Laagyo Re Prem Rang’. Comic timings can be set better but the dialogues come as savage. You will surely enjoy the music by Hemang Dholakia especially a song by Sunidhi Chauhan “Todi Didhi Chhe Main Soneri Saakhal”.


The second-half is better than the first-half as the fun chases (though predictable). According to movie’s direction viewpoint, Viral Rao has done justice to some extent, just editing became a setback. At the end of the day, the movie might not stand up to your expectations and the storyline reminds you of Priyadarshan’s comedy flicks.


Seeing it another way, the actors have justified their roles as far as lead actors are concerned. The duo of Raunaq Kamdar and Monal Gajjar look amazing together and show-up with a cracking chemistry together. Raunaq appears as a stud in his angry young man looks and his makeover from a simple looking guy to a stylish collegian seems fabulous and effortless. Bharat Chawda fulfills the added-spice space in the film as Aarav.  You will enjoy the role play of ‘Altaf Anna’ by Smit Pandya. Monal’s father was equally justified by Mehul Buch. Mitra Gadhvi’s performance flows naturally but somewhere his acting will remind you of his role in Chello Divas and Shu Thayu?!


Archan Trivedi appears as a surprise package of the film. Karan Patel, who was seen in Dhh has given a special appearance here too as adorable younger JJ.


If you are not having any special weekend plans then you can try Family Circus as it is an average entertainer. It is a one-time watch.

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