De Taali

Gujarati film actress Kiran Aacharya turns producer. Under the banner Divya Kiran Films, she is making comedy film DE TAALI.

The film is story of two guys Munno (played by Sanjay Mourya) and Bako (played by Vanraj Sisodiya) who want to earn big money. For this purpose they take a dangerous shortcut of kidnapping. Both kidnap a businessman’s daughter who is childish. When they call for money, they come to that she is daughter of Don. But the truth is that she is neither businessman nor Don’s daughter. So who is she? Where to demand money?

DE TAALI is directed by Suchak and written by Kishor Sachade. The film stars Kiran Aacharya, Sanjay Mourya, Vanraj Sisodiya, Bhairavi Vaidya, Hemant Jha, Shekhar Shukla, Sachin Soni, Heena Rajput, Yamini Joshi and Jignesh Modi.

The shoot is taking place in palace like bunglow at Karamsad. The songs will be shoot at either Goa or Diu.

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Release Date
2 hours 30 minutes
Box Office
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