Daav Thai Gayo Yaar

Currently, it is a kind trend of comedy films. The upcoming urban Gujarati film is Daav Thai Gayo Yaar. Daav Thai Gayo Yaar is a comedy drama film. Daav Thai Gayo Yaar is directed by Dushyant Patel. The movie is starring Mitra Gadhavi, Mayur Chauhan, Mukesh Rao, Kavisha Shah, Khushbu Padiyar, Dharmesh Vyas, Sunil Vishrani and Maulika Patel.

Former mayor of the city Meenakshi Patel was present at the Muhurat of Daav Thai Gayo Yaar Urban Film 2016. Meenakshi Patel went to encourage the team. Director Dushyant Patel said at the press conference, “This is light-hearted comedy with no vulgar innuendos or ambiguous dialogues. Subsidy is not a concern when I make a film. But I ensure that the movie conforms to a curtails standard which would inadvertently get the film a subsidy!”

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Comedy, Drama
Release Date
2 hours 8 minutes
Box Office
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