Chhokri Vinanu Gam

Chhokri Vinanu Gam is an gujarati movie. The first time Gujarati film is going to give a strong message to society about this issue. Prime Minister of our country Mr. Narendra Modi has undertaken a major project known as Beti Bachao, Beti padhao. This kind of thing has often been highlighted in the news media.

The film directed by Rajesh Bhatt, and written by a Pro. Kartikeya Bhatt. The original concept of the Chhokri Vinanu Gam movie is the murder of the daughters of the mother’s womb, the killings have become of an entire village without girl. No one is ready to get marry their daughters in this village, then what the young boys and old men of the village have the feeling that it has been featured in the film. The origin of the film is connect with serious issue but acting of starred in the film is full of comedy. Though the form of a small drama in this story has been presented in several places.

Chhokri Vinanu Gam movie released on 19th August 2016. The film is full of joke and fun, audience will really enjoy their self when they will watch this movie. On the stage of University, college or school the story was also produced with the Chokri Vinanu Gam title only, and people enjoyed a lot.

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Genre: Comedy
Directed By: Rajesh Bhatt
Release Date: August 19, 2016
Studio: Purple Entertainment Limited Ahmedabad
Written By: Kartikey Bhatt
Screenplay By: Kartikey Bhatt
Produced By: Purple Entertainment Limited


About Production

PURPLE ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED is a film productions house span Feature Films, Television commercials, Documentaries, and Music Videos. PURPLE ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED has been widely acclaimed for its production caliber and unique treatment of subject matter and expanded its scope of activities to include feature films and other projects driven by in house developed concepts. These projects generated multiple and longer term streams of revenues. For filming we deeply understand that every project has a unique set of objectives, specific requirements therefore we take great precaution in accessing the creative and specific production needs & other parameters keeping in mind the budget & deadlines! Our sharp strategic planning and in-depth knowledge of local resources will execute any movie project in most efficient & organized manner.

Gujuwood Review:- 2.5/5
BookMyShow Review:- 3.0/5
The concept of movie is good. Very good effort in Gujarati Films, Unfortunately it can’t make impact on audience and even cinema house, there was very few shows, it require some Brand to be involve and need some popular actors. I recommend to watch movie if you don’t have any other plan for holiday.


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Release Date
2 hours 8 minutes
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