Back Bencher

Back Bencher is an http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_about_ Soma online with next day shipping upcoming Gujarati movie of 2018 which will hit the cinemas on 20th July. Directed by Kirtan Patel, the movie will feature Krish Chauhan (Gopal), Dharmendra Gohil (Jagdish Bhai), Bhavini Janii (Mansa Dosi), Rajeev Mehta (Principal), Karan Patel (Yash) and Ami Trivedi (Kavita).

Back Bencher is the second movie directed by Kirtan Patel after his first successful movie “Bas Ek Chance”. This movie is centered around a school-going child and is based on education. It is intended to give a social message regarding how to treat your children and will introduce you to some unnoticed ways to give best education to them. The movie is already featuring popular stars and the inspirational storyline will make it a worth-watch one.

This Gujarati movie will surely remind you of your back bencher days and will drive you back to your memory lane. All the school-life mischiefs will strike you and a touching social message will make it a family movie.

Here is a glimpse of the star cast when the shooting was started. Watch to find what the movie is all about. The Director Kirtan Patel is giving hints of the movie and the child star Krish Chauhan shares about his role.

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