Proudly representing the talent of our home ground, we have renamed Dholiwood to Gujuwood. We are a dream come true for Gujarati movie fans for which it was hectic to surf the internet and hop over different sites and still not get desired details. We have housed a collection of your favorite Gujarati movies, their promotional videos, and video songs and much more all at one place.

Our Journey Started as…

After the blockbuster release of Chello Diwas, we found that youngsters are showing interest in Gujarati movies like they have for Bollywood and Hollywood movies. It clicked our mind that we must have a site which proves to be a hub for getting required information at single place. And so we started maintaining an online database with an initial search of 30-35 upcoming movies while we launched our website in July, 2016. Now we are using our site as a promotion base of Gujarati movies and we are aiming to become their online face.

What we have for you?

We have treasured information regarding every Gujarati movie which includes a Plot Overview, Movie romo/Trailer, Cast, Crew and its Gallery. Check out upcoming movies so you don’t miss upon any of your favorite Gujarati movie. Want to know blockbuster movies of this season? We have a well maintained and updated list of names which have rocked the cinemas. Help out Gujuwood fans by posting your comments as valuable reviews so they can add some great films to their must watch list.

You can trust us!

One can totally rely upon the information which we provide on our site as it is derived from trusted sources are authentic. The sole purpose of providing these details to you is beyond the idea of promotion. We are constantly working upon improving user experience with the details we provide and we are building an algorithm which automatically calculates the ratings of every movie. This will be really helpful for users to know what other users think about that movie before you preview it. It would be great if you join the reviews by posting yours next to them. Before you proceed to book tickets for your most awaited Gujarati movie, we are here bringing you a complete package of necessary details you would find interesting to view. Along with those film details, you can also stay updated with News related to the Gujarati Film Industry.