Saheb – The upcoming film of Malhar Thakkar has come under the limelight with as the first look of the movie is unvelied. We have usually seen the actor in comedy and action role in his past works and […]

“Jai Ambe” is an exclusive Devotional song from ‘Family Circus’. Released yesterday, it is a Navratri theme song sung by very talented Parthiv Gohil is expected to be a hit in this festive season. Family Circus is scheduled to […]

“બદલાતા આ સમય ની વચ્ચે સાચા અર્થ માં તમને લાગણી, પરિવાર, પ્રેમ, દોસ્તી અને આપણી સંસ્કૃતિ ની નજીક લઇ જતી એક ફિલ્મ – પાઘડી” – This is what the film makers has to say. As seen from the trailer, […]

One more light, fun and comedy movie of Gujarati Cinema is arriving for you. Check out the trailer of ‘Family Circus’ – a multi-starrer movie featuring Raunaq Kamdar, M Monal Gajjar, Mitra Gadhvi, Bharat Chawda and Smit Pandya. The […]

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sharato lagu

Sharato Lagu Teaser is Out

The Teaser of Malhar Thakar and Deeksha Joshi’s upcoming Gujarati Movie – ‘Sharato Lagu’ is out. The movie is all set to hit the cinemas this Dus[...]